Environment Impact


One of Green Phantom’s core beliefs is that, as human beings, we need to take steps towards making a greener world by shrinking our carbon footprint. If everyone adopts one ‘green’ habit, the entire planet will benefit from it. Green Phantom can help you play your part today; we can help you change the way your vehicle gets washed.

Our eco-friendly carwash helps preserve more water than other car washing methods.

We don’t waste gallons of water by over-spraying vehicles. We use about one cup of water per vehicle, saving gallons of water from waste, and our detailing system is done entirely by hand. We focus all of our attention on every square inch of the vehicle, cleaning every panel, every nook and crevice.

All of our washing products are biodegradable and our cleaning methods completely eliminate run-off water, which means no drainage into sewers. The organic waste that accumulates in our containers of water can be safely disposed of into plant life.